Friday, April 3, 2015


Who remembers playing in their Grandmother's or mother's button bin?  I remember my Grandmother's button Jar.  I used to dump them all out and match them, sort them, and put them into combinations.  I loved playing with the buttons.

I have had the privilege to work with some gals from Wild Side Furs. They upcycle old vintage fur coats into decorator items used for the home.  I get the buttons.  We have created a line of jewelry using just the buttons from the old coats.  You can see a large part of the collection at

Buttons make great components in jewelry.  

Two samples of the buttons from Vintage coats.

Recently friend gave me some buttons that were her Grandmother's.  I created this necklace using the shell pearl buttons from a coat.  I just HAD to give it to her!

The earrings are also from some of the buttons she gave me.  

This bracelet was created using Vintage Czech Glass buttons.  If you have not played with these gems, it's time to.  They are so beautiful and you will experience some of the art that was button making many years ago.

So, grab a cool, or not so cool even, button and see what you come up with.   

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