Monday, April 13, 2015


My friend, former student, and partner in crime at the Delray Affair, Nancy, from NE Designs and I took 2nd place in the jewelry division at the infamous Delray Affair this past weekend.  If you have ever been to this show, you know there are 80,000 jewelry vendors (ok a bit of a stretch), so we are extremely proud of this accomplishment.

What made this year more special are two things:  I really loved seeing Nancy in her element of the show.  She and her husband do several local shows.  She has really grown in her art and will be continuing the tradition of the Delray Affair without me next year.  I will be cheering her on from the bike trails of Bend, Oregon!!!  And that is the 2nd thing that made this year special, since it was my last time at the Delray Affair, it was so awesome to receive our THIRD 2nd place award at this event. We worked very hard in all areas to make this happen.  Nancy has put hours upon hours not only making jewelry, but perfecting the display.  If you have ever done these shows, you know, the display can be maddening.  

So, we feel we have some major bragging rights.  It truly is an honor to be selected for an award!

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