Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Do you Work with other artists?

I have to admit, I am a hard sell.  I always think I can do it myself.  I am learning the hard way that isn't true.  I have been paying more attention to artists I meet at the shows that I participate in.  If you follow me on facebook, you know that I "stalk" Michelle from FireFly Design Studio.  There are two reasons for this:  One, I love her product and have found it works very nice in some of my designs, and Two, her booth is right next to mine at the trade shows, so I like to hover over her product while the brain works up ideas.

My first piece that turned out to be quite a hit in the kit department, incorporated her ceramic bird.  Then I made a pair of earrings from the ceramic drops and sold them right off my ears.
I also made a nice necklace using the separated fish.  It's on Facebook, so you can check it out there as well as a few other pieces incorporating her ceramic product.  

I have another gal that I LOVE her glass beads and she also is at the trade shows I do, but I cannot seem to locate the bead I purchased right now, but I do want to mention her.  Her name is Starleen; she makes the most amazing glass beads.  I haven't made anything with this killer bead I purchased because my first attempt was an epic failure, so it is awaiting a cool project.

Lately I have actually purchased small pieces of jewelry from artists.  One of my new favorite gals is Hannah Long.  She is a super cool metal artist.  She is supposed to be making me some pieces to incorporate into my work.  Check her out also.  The Sterling/pearl earrings are from her.  Very simple, but I love wearing them.  The stained glass necklace comes from  Nora's Stained Glass. One place she sells is at Art Sea Living on the Avenue.  She does both jewelry and decorator type stained glass.  She is different, and I find her pieces just fun!

My last purchase was from Laurie Onufer from New Hampshire.  I met her at Delray Affair.  I saw this bracelet and fell in love.  Very simple and elegant.

I could write about several more artists and will probably do so at another time, but when creating your own jewelry, try to use their product in yours.  It's a great way to support fellow artsy people and it makes your jewelry unique.  It's also nice to purchase a finished piece.

Firefly Design Studio
Hannah Long        
Nora's Stained Glass
Laurie Onufer        - enter: Laurie Onufer

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