Monday, March 23, 2015


For me, many many times it is just the beads themselves.  The color, the finish, the combination of some beads together inspire me.  Other times it's just an idea in my head. My latest design, however, came from a popular show/book "Game of Thrones".  My daughter loves this show and the costumes are by far some of the most amazing pieces of art I have seen in costumes.  In fact, they have inspired me so much, that I have a few more pieces on the drawing table...can't wait to see how they turn out.
The piece below came from the pin on Khaleesi's cape...hence the name of the piece.  Even the colors...

Think about where you get your inspiration.  I know artists that walk around fabric and get color ideas.  Nature is a huge inspiration for many.  Sometimes its a focal piece, or just a very interesting component that gives you an idea.  
This piece was inspired by both the buttons...Czech vintage buttons are amazing to work with...and also the need to want to use the new 2-hole triangles.  They are so cute and the colors are wonderful.  

Post your inspiration ideas and inspire the rest of us!

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