Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Pinterest and the Frail Psyche

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Recognize this?  Of course you do.  
Most of us have spent a fair amount of time on Pinterest.  When I first heard about it, I thought, that is a really cool idea.  You can learn so much, see so much, get great ideas. Are there really that many creative, innovative people?  Or is it one person posting under 300 different names!!

One day I decided to look at some beaded jewelry, see what was out there...get inspiration.....well, let me tell you, this was my psyche on Pinterest: 

Image result for deflated balloon imagesSo to recover, I looked at some decorating ideas for my studio.

There are some wicked cool jewelry designs on Pinterest.  I wondered when these people have time to whip that stuff out!  It is beautiful, creative, unique...everything great jewelry should be....I think I am going to stay off Pinterest for a while (at least not look at jewelry)...my psyche cannot handle it.  

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