Wednesday, April 6, 2016

How to Manage Creative Time

I have a stack of deadlines sitting on my desk today.  I sit down to work this morning (it is Monday after all), and I look out my office window and this is what I see:

 Can you believe it? Look at that sky.  Spring is in the air, the sun is out.

Bead, I have to bead.  I have deadlines.  I can go to the gym later.

Look at that beautiful sky....

Maybe I will be more creative if I go for a bike ride.  Maybe I will feel better.  Maybe I'll go to the gym that doesn't take as long.  

So, being a conscientious person, I go for a bike ride.  Life is short, the sun is shining, my friend is texting me to ride.  Does a mini addiction to bike riding mix with a business in the beading world?

How do you juggle your other hobbies, sports, family and still remain creative and productive?

I have found the best way for me is to actually schedule beading, designing, kit making, etc. time and put it on my calendar.  Then I have to actually look at my calendar....Let's see how this plays out.  Monday, I needed to do my "real" job, which I actually did after my ride, but the time I scheduled for beading...well, that didn't happen.  

Okay, on to Tuesday.  I had scheduled to make some earrings for a show I have to have product for.  That dang sun was shining in my window again...AND a group I ride with were going to the mountain...this will clear my head and I will work late.   I mean look at that view!  The snow is so pretty..Is that not amazing or what.  And I      am getting in shape!

Wednesday, I am a tad behind.  My calendar says I have earrings, a kit design and some work at my "real" job.  And along comes Mr. Sun again, but this time he brings some amazingly warm temperatures.  So, on my road bike to Sisters to ride...

Have I taught you anything about mixing pleasure with work?  YES,  sometimes the best laid plans just don't work...for that moment.  It has been a beautiful week here in Bend, Oregon and I cannot bear to miss it.  Actually putting creative time on my calendar does work, and I will get everything done.  Life is short and time with friends and being outside will never be a mistake.  Have a great day and get outside!  The creativity will wait for you.

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