Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Bundling a Jewelry Order

I recently had to call two internet providers to obtain service for the summer.  I only wanted internet (no phone, no television, no whatever)  After over an hour on the phone, a blood pressure of 195/60 and some rather saucy words I got a brilliant idea!!...I should sell my jewelry like companies such as Century Link, Comcast and Charter.  

This is how it will go:
C:  (customer) I just saw a bracelet on your website I would be interested in purchasing.
E:  (esther beadwork)  Thank you, I will be happy to help you with that.  Which bracelet?
C:  The cuff for $125, red and gold.
E:  Oh that one is beautiful.  I am offering it at a special rate today if you purchase before midnight.
C:  Sounds great.  Tell me the rate.
E:  Well, the cuff is normally $125; however if you bundle it with a minimum of a pair of earrings costing $45, I can sell you the cuff for $95.
C:  Well, I really don't want the earrings, I would never wear them.
E:   You wouldn't?  What about an evening out?  Then the price of the cuff will be $125.
C:  That doesn't make sense, however it is a better  price and I can give the earrings away.
E:  Perfect.  Now, for the month of June the more you bundle the better the deal.  I can give you the cuff, originally costing $125, the earrings at $45 and a necklace valued at $85, all for 155.00.  How does that sound; that is a $100 savings for the bundle.
C:  I really just wanted the cuff.
E:  Ok, I can ship that to you.  So, it will be $125 plus $18.95 shipping.
C:  Seriously?  What about flat rate?
E:  I could do that with a bundle, but not just the cuff. And, tell me, why wouldn't you want a complete set?  It is a much better deal and I am sure you will use it?

And so went my conversation with the internet company...What did I end up with you ask?  A cuff and a pair of earrings!    

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