Saturday, March 12, 2016

Let Me Speak For Myself

We beaders are obsessed with beads and when a new bead comes out, we all rush to buy it and play with it.  There are some fun new beads and I have spent countless hours working with them, but...the other day I grabbed a tube of mini bugles that had the most beautiful color in them.  I just started with a basic peyote stitch using these bugles and 15/0.  I wanted to add a beaded cabochon or a unique button all beaded around and then I just stared at the band I had was beautiful JUST because of the beads.  It needed nothing else.  Sometimes you just have to let the beads speak for themselves.

This is Turquoise Apollo Hybrid Matte Opaque bugle by can totally stand on it's own

This uses three colors combined of Toho 11/0 Triangles

And again, those cute little bugles...toss in a few 2mm beads and some stunning 15/0

It's so easy to get caught up in the new trends, especially if you are on a beader crazy, but sometimes step back, look at the beads, see what they have to say and listen to them!

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