Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Star Struck in Tucson

Tucson Gem & Mineral Show 2016

I am not easily star struck.  I admit when I was a young teenager, I did have a poster (and probably a crush) on Davey Jones of the Monkeys, but those days are now a blur.  I would be honored to meet certain people just because of who they are, but I can honestly say I have very little desire to meet many famous people.  But...while at the Tucson Gem & Mineral Show this year I met Three people who are famous not only in my eyes, but in eyes of the bead world.

So, I am shopping along minding my own business and I see non other than Diane Fitzgerald.  I think, no....just looks like her...but yes, it was her...I HAD to say something, I was star struck.  I would have asked for her autograph if I had her book with me.  We chatted for about 2 minutes, and like a true star struck groupie, I immediately sent a text to my friend saying I met Diane Fitzgerald....brag, brag, brag.   She was so nice, Diane that is, my friend was properly jealous.  My favorite book of Diane's is Shaped Beadwork.  I learned so much from this book. I HIGHLY recommend this book, the techniques can be used everywhere in beading.
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One book that I drooled on several of the pages before I made the patterns was by Lisa Kan.  A true artist, and a great lady to talk to.  We talked for about 30 minutes and she had the most amazing buttons for sale...had to buy them! My daughter was with me when I met Lisa.  We walked away from her and I squealed like a Justin Beeber fan (well, not that bad).  My daughter thinks I am crazy.  Bead Romantique is a beautiful need this one also.  

Leslie Rogalski, was my third.  We talked about looms.  She is all over Beading Daily and Bead and Button.  I have her download of DoodleBeads.  Talk about creative, fun to chat with and just a neat lady.  One can learn so much from her.  

I want to be like these ladies, so full of talent, yet so normal and friendly.  (well, I think I am pretty friendly, not so sure about the normal part)...

Check out these books; they are truly worth the investment.  Diane Fitzerald has several books and Lisa Kan just released a new one.

Oh, and yes, I did buy some fun beads from other artists that may not be so famous, but are truly great and talented people.  

There is one more person I ran into that made me squeal, and that is because our paths crossed 17 years ago and I ran into him picking out gem stones. Shano Kelly.  He makes the coolest jewelry, and is such a neat artist with a spirit like no other.   Check him out at   
I had a wonderful time in Tucson at the show and it was because of the people I met...from the well-known bead designers, not so well known artists, vendors and even customers.  People just make for a good time!

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