Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Does Persistence Pay?

I had a wonderful time teaching a beading class last night....the Bo-Ho Earrings.  My students did not...at least in the beginning.  If you are a beader you will be able to relate to the holding of a miniscule item with your timber size fingers and trying to get a needle into a bead the size of a period.  It was a rough start for sure.  My favorite comment was one gal held up her ring with 2 beads stitched on and declared, I really like it just like this!  The mood was lightened.

The concentration was there...even the wine was not being touched.  I was questioning both my ability to teach and the project I had selected....

Every class has a comedian in it (at least we hope they do)...and last night's funny was when a student held up here first earring about 1/4 completed and declared she was going to use it as an ornament and tell everyone her daughter made it....when she was five!!!  Thank goodness for humor.

Well, Persistence does pay and EVERYONE finished  a PAIR of earrings last night (and a bottle of wine)!

Notice there are smiles on the faces!
Earring completed!!!
Nice job ladies.  I hope you enjoyed the class as much as I did and you stuck with it.  The second earring was completed in record time!  SUCCESS!!!  Beading is a process and sometimes our fingers need to be trained!

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