Monday, January 11, 2016

My New Mood Board

I want to take full credit for my new Mood Board, but it was actually my daughter's idea.  This is why you send them to college!!!

Each month I will have a new color or two to play with.  January colors are Serenity and Rose Quartz.  Not two colors I would normally select.  But, this is the exercise...let's get out of our "safe color boxes" and play with something fun.  

Those who know me are probably going, eesh,right now...I am a green (notice the backdrop) copper, bronzy type of gal.  Even I am getting bored with my favorite colors.

I selected some photos that incorporate
these two colors.  Rather nice, right.  Then I picked
out a few beads that represent the January colors and created a piece of jewelry.  Those colors are Toho #126 - a very soft yet rich pink; Toho #46F - a beautiful matte blue and Delica #1507 - softer blue with some nice sparkle to it.  

The necklace is made using these beads with an opaque white AB for accent.  The focal is a mother of pearl button with a Czech button in the center.  And,
don't you just love those nice chunky beads......

What can you come up with?  Post any ideas/photos of your creations.  There are other beads that will represent the pantone colors, so get into the beads and PLAY!

One last photo...I LOVE beading, but I do have another passion.....

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