Wednesday, January 9, 2013

To Trend or Not in 2013

For the first time ever, I decided to research the trends for 2013.  I am not a fashionista and those that know me can attest to my style or lack thereof, but I thought it might provide some insight/ideas for new jewelry designs.
Well, I did learn a lot and whether it inspired me or not, you will have to wait and see.  But, the colors for spring are below.  I have to say, they are delicious.  I love them, plus I own a bunch of them.  

Now, the fashions for 2013???  Really, was my first thought, then I saw some neat things.  I think I am just getting to old too wear them, so I want to dislike them.  I am on the fence about the high waisted hot pants.  Wasn't a look that worked for very many the first time around.  

Neon is back....and see what I mean about not being able to wear some of it?

It appears we will have a lot to choose from...

Now as far as jewelry...WOW, we should have a BLAST this year.  Getting any ideas here?  I sure am...wish I knew the stitch.    What about the pieces below?  Very romantic.

In short, I found a few jewelry highlights in an article from JCK.  Here is the very short, quick version:
Emerald is the color of the year per Pantone.  Subtle drop earrings, black and white, snakes, drusy, cabochons (yeah, you bead embroidery lovers), Hair ornaments, amber, brass, bronze and well made costume jewelry.  Asian motifs and estate jewelry.  
It's going to be a great jewelry year...just resist the hot pants. (unless you are under 25)

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