Friday, January 4, 2013

HAPPY NEW YEAR...Welcome 2013

Happy New Year everyone...I knew I was slacking on posting, but with the holidays, I figured everyone was too busy anyway, so let's all take a break, but now it's been way too long.  I would like to say I made a New Year's Resolution to post on a regular basis, but I never make resolutions I am pretty sure I cannot keep... I will work on it.  How about you?  Do you make resolutions?  Do you keep them?  Why do you make them?  What is the silliest one you have ever made?  What is the one you kept?

You don't need to answer me on this (unless you want to post, it could be kind of fun and interesting...get to know your friends kind of thing).  But reflect on it.  What motivates us to make resolutions.  

How many would honestly say they made one to bead more?  I wanted to, but actually felt kind of guilty...resolving to play more kind of thing....

I did decide to get some classes going...So, here they are:

Tuesday, January 8:    10:30   GARDEN BRACELET       Art Sea & Living/Boynton Beach
Wednesday, January 9  4:30   RUSSIAN SPIRAL            Gemstone Imports, WPB
Monday, January 14      7:00   KUMIHIMO/RUSSIAN LEAVE    month long class.  Delray
Tuesday, January 15    10:30   RUSSIAN SPIRAL            Gemstone Imports, WPB
Tuesday, January 22    10:30   BEAD EMBROIDERY        Art Sea & Living/Boynton Beach

Bead Embroidery
You will select your own stones, etc.

Much more to come.  
Kumihimi/Russian Leaf month long class

Russian Spiral

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