Monday, November 5, 2012

WHO are you going to VOTE for...

...Myuki or Toho?   Do you really think I would discuss politics? I am having a great day! When I do bead shows or sell my jewelry, I get asked so often what I prefer, Myuki or Toho.  Let me just say right off the bat they both are Japanese seed beads and they both are  wonderful products.

If you are new to the beading world, the bead language may seem strange to you.  We have so much beautiful product to choose from that it does get confusing sometimes.  For the purpose of this paragraph, let's talk size 11/0 seed beads.  The difference between Myuki and Toho  is Toho's have a larger hole.  If you do a lot of bead weaving where the thread passes through a bead more than 2 times, you will certainly enjoy this feature in the bead.  Also, by having this larger hole, the bead weighs less and you get more for the weight.

Both companies carry a permanent bead finish.  Toho's is called permanent finish and if this is the bead you are looking for, it will have a PF in the number.  Myuki calls theirs Duracoat.  This applies to galvanized and gilt lined beads.  They tend to be a bit more pricey, but if you have ever spent hours upon hours making a piece only to have the color rub off, you will gladly pay the difference.  Many of the other beads do not require a permanent finish as it is in the bead itself and not a coating.  So don't feel that every bead you purchase needs to be a permanent finish.

If you buy beads from Esther Beadwork, you will find most of my beads are Toho.  I was introduced to Toho beads about 7 years ago, and since I do a lot of bead weaving, I love the larger hole.  It is also easier for me to order one type of bead as I get to know the colors and the numbers.

A few other differences to aid your understanding.  Tila, Delica and Berry Beads are Myuki.
Treasures are Toho (their version of Delica).  This list is simplified and obviously both companies make much more to satiate your appetite.

So, who do you vote for?  Me, I am glad I can pick both!!!

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