Friday, November 16, 2012

Be Thankful

I have been thinking about what to write...what clever information I may have for you all and I wasn't coming up with any great ideas until I spoke to a friend of mine.

We bead together and I was telling her that I stopped into a local bead store to purchase some beads that I needed for an upcoming class. She asked me if I saw all the beautiful pieces they had made up on display? I said I couldn't look at too much of that as I started to question my own ability, gifts and reasons for beading...she offered me words of wisdom that caused me to reflect on the following:

God has given each and everyone of us gifts and talents. Sometimes we forget what they are or wish they were something else.  I know as beaders we so often look at other artist's work and think, "oh, they are so much better than me", or they just are so creative.  That may be the case, but what are YOUR gifts and talents?  Most of us are never going to publish a beading book, or any book for that matter, but think back in your memory bank, and I am positive you will find a time that you have used beads/beading to bring joy to someone.  Have you taught an elderly person to bead?  Have you spent time with a cancer friend or patient beading and talking?  Have you donated your time to teach children or the disabled to bead?  How many smiles have you and your beads caused?

Let's give thanks!  Give thanks for the opportunities you have had, for the ability you have, for the friends and family you have.  I am so very thankful for the  talent God has given me  and thankful I have so many to share it with.  Find that silver lining this Thanksgiving and give thanks. Spend a few extra moments while beading over this holiday to reflect on all your blessings, gifts and talents.  Remember that smile you created and share it with us.  Have a rich and blessed Thanksgiving !

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  1. You are right, Kim. I do fine as a beader until I start to look around and compare what I'm doing with others' work. Thanks for these words to reflect upon. Happy Thanksgiving