Thursday, November 1, 2012

Stitch Stump

What do YOU do when you are completely stumped by a stitch or pattern?  I think we all do things we would rather not tell anyone about, but what avenues do you use when you just can't get it?  I know for myself many times I just put it away and in a few days, week, month, sometimes even a year later, I get back to it hoping I have either learned more and can figure it out, or see it from a different perspective.

I just figured out a beaded piece that I have been stewing over since this summer.  It's basic peyote, but the shape and the edging made encasing it in peyote difficult.  I must have tried it 15 times using different beads, different stitches and different attitudes!  Persistence paid off.

A customer of mine emailed me a pattern a few days ago asking me to figure it out and then teach it to her and she was, asking someone to help you is a great avenue.  Also, getting together with other beaders and having them explain it to you in different language or sometimes just talking about something you figure it out.

The best advice I can give is to NOT give up.  Use the knowledge of friends, instructors, bead store owners, tutorials and books.  You will be so proud when you do get it and the finished product will mean much more to you.  So...what do you do?  Please post your response and help all of us get un-stumped!

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