Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Blues Show Piece

My first piece for the "Blues" show at the Columbia Arts Gallery.  It's funny, I have the book Beaded Opulence by Marcia DeCoster, and she has a beautiful piece like this.  I had not set out to copy her, and I didn't even look at the book; however, it did seem to take on a life of it's own and ended up looking very similar to her design.

The rope is bead crochet and the embellishments are right angle weave added to the rope.  I am entering it in the Blues show because I remember winters in Michigan where the sky is almost a dirty brown color and then some random bit of blue would show through just to tease you into thinking nice weather was coming.

Crochet ropes can be tedious; however, they are a great
"take along" project.  You don't have to worry about beads getting dumped all over when traveling.  I worked on much of this sitting in waiting rooms with my kids at doctor and orthodontist appointments...every minute is bead time, right?!

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