Thursday, October 4, 2012

Beaders Block

We have ALL had it...well I assume so anyway.  We all hope it doesn't happen too often as it ruins our art fun!  What can you do?  I am not an expert, but I have a few things that work for me and a few points that other beaders have shared with me.

Myself and a few beady friends...we play with our beads.  We organize them, put them in new containers, tiddy up our work area, clean out bead bins and before you know it you "found" a great bead, a lost focal that gives you new inspiration, a pretty seed bead you purchased and never's endless.

Other ideas I have heard are going to art shows, museums, etc. to be around art and find inspiration.  Spending time in a fabric, craft, yarn or paint store to observe colors.  Walking on the beach, in nature to enjoy the colors we are given.

I remember one time digging through a bin of sale beads (there is inspiration right there), and some of the bags were broken and many beads lay on the bottom of the bin...the color combination was awesome!  I ran home and made a bracelet just on the color alone.

What gets your juices flowing?  What breaks that block?  It may even be walking away for a few days...(oh the horrors of that thought).  Share your ideas with us by commenting below.

I am working on a lariate with blues in it...for an art show themed "Winter Blues"...and I must be inspired because I cannot see the top of my work area!!!

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