Friday, July 15, 2011

Anyone Can Post

Just to let all of you know, anyone can post, ask questions, feedback, ideas, etc. You do not need to be a member to post. Keep checking as new information will be posted soon.


  1. What loom would you recommend for a person who beads but has not worked on a loom yet? Also, will you be having loom classes?

  2. I am totally open to teaching a loom class. As far as what type of loom, I have 2 opinions on that. Mirrix is a great loom; however, a few years back Bead and Button published a terrific article entitled "Warp Speed" where you actually anchor the warp threads and the way you start your work, you do not have to weave all the threads back into your work. That is such an unattractive proposal to most of us. So, after learning this technique, my husband built me a loom where the 2 sides will slide to allow for the size of the piece. If you are interested in this article, go to Bead and Buttons archive magazines and see if you can locate it. Also, like I said, I would be so happy to teach a loom class.