Monday, September 23, 2013

Being Accountable

What does being accountable bring to mind for you?  Probably many things, and top on that list is probably diet and exercise.  Maybe breaking a bad habit or acting more adult-like around your children (you know exactly what that means), or a sponsorship of some type.  There are many ways in which we need to be accountable and others where it simply helps us in accomplishing goals.

I really enjoy this blog, but I find I let it slip all the time or I don't feel I have anything to write about. Well, I am asking you to hold me accountable to write on the blog a minimum of once a week.  Call me out on it.  Send me a post, email, text, bust me!

I am going to be blogging about types of beads and what exactly to do with them.  I have a customer who brought about this fabulous idea.  We sometimes think everyone knows what to do with stuff.  It's in the magazines after all, right?  Not so.  And this gal brought that to our attention.  

Now, you all need to post.  We were teaching a Kumihimo class this weekend at the Intergalactic Bead Show and a lady walked up to the table and had some wonderful information on a technique...and we were the ones teaching!  How cool is that.  I learn so much from students and customers, so PLEASE post, give your information, ideas, questions.  Tell your friends to check out the blog.  Make me accountable to writing and I am asking you to give me your two cents.  

Okay, check back soon for what to do with those beads.  If any of you want your photos posted of what you did with beads, send them on and I will be more than happy to give you air time!

Have a blessed week...was that not the most amazing sunrise and moon rise this weekend?

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