Monday, October 3, 2011

Beaders.....We have the Location!!!!!

Studio looking out to the veranda
The location for the Bead Ecstasy Class has been finalized.  Just a peak.....The two photos represent the studio where we will be working  beading, and the other photo is the veranda where you will be served a gourmet lunch poolside.  The setting is beautiful, quiet and at the same time so inviting.  I didn't want to leave when I went to take photos.  I wanted to sit down and bead the entire day.  The rest of the details will be forthcoming....stay tuned.
Can you think of a better lunch spot....


  1. What a great place to learn a new beading stitch !!!!! Will be signing up for your 1st class.......can't wait to see what we will be making !!!!

  2. Can't wait to find out more about this. Looks like an ideal place to learn how to work on my "beading skills". I'm planning to sign up for this.

  3. Count me in for the gourmet lunch !!!!! What a scenic spot for a bite you know what is on the schedule for bead work ?????

  4. I am still working that up. Want it to fun.